Desensitization Program

Introduce your child to the sights and sounds of dentistry with a desensitization visit.

What Is Desensitization in Pediatric Dentistry?

Dr. Juntgen with a young female patient sitting in a chair smiling at our pediatric dentist

Desensitization in pediatric dentistry gradually introduces children with sensory needs to the new dental environment, including the sights, sounds, and smells.

At Hamilton County Pediatric Dentistry, your child has the option of a desensitization visit before his or her first appointment. Our Desensitization Program allows children to walk through our office and observe our team, rooms, and tools in a non-threatening way.

  • What You Can Expect During the Visit
    To structure the visit, we provide a step-by-step checklist or desensitization picture book. We will use this to guide us through the appointment, and give your child a sense of control over what is about to happen.

    The checklist and picture book will introduce your child to a majority of our dental environment, including the tools, dental chair, and prizes. By not providing treatment, your child will first experience these new things in a harmless manner, helping create positive associations with the dentist.

    Parents can also take the checklist or picture book home to further prepare for the first visit.

    Prior to and during the visit, we can discuss any specific behavioral or sensory concerns, which will help us better prepare for a successful and fun first visit! We will also leave plenty of time to answer any questions you or your child have.

Our goal with desensitization in pediatric dentistry is to acclimate your child to the dental setting without providing any actual treatment just yet. Once your child is ready, our Carmel pediatric dentist and dental team will make every effort to accommodate your child’s needs and help him or her feel relaxed.

We are proud to say our Desensitization Program has tremendous results with many success stories. If your child could benefit from a desensitization visit, contact us to schedule one today:

Dr. Juntgen with a young female patient sitting in a chair smiling at our pediatric dentist


Our three-step technique to introduce your child to dentistry.

A young boy having a hands on experience at the dentist office as part of our desensitization program at Hamilton County Pediatric Dentistry in Carmel, IN
A Preview of Our Desensitization Visit
The follow items are listed on your child’s desensitization visit checklist, which we will check off as we tell and show together:

  • Pick out a toothbrush
  • Sit in chair
  • Choose a movie
  • Pick a toothpaste flavor
  • Look at tools
  • Move chair, lay back, and put hands on stomach
  • Put on sunglasses
  • Open wide and look with mirror
  • Count teeth and make sure they feel strong
  • Check teeth for germs/plaque
  • Floss teeth
  • Brush/polish teeth
  • Check with mirror to make sure everything looks great
  • Dr. Juntgen says hi and checks teeth
  • Take x-ray pictures
  • Brush on fluoride vitamins
  • Sit up and ALL FINISHED!
  • Choose prizes and see mom/dad

Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Laura Juntgen, uses a simple technique called “Tell-Show-Do” to not only introduce your children to dentistry in a manner they understand but also help them build trust and feel safe. Here’s how it works:


Our team will explain each item on the checklist or picture book, including what it is, what it does, and what it feels like. We will tailor our vocabulary to meet your child’s level of understanding. And we always steer clear of fearful words and replace them with kid-friendly ones.


We will demonstrate each step and let your children become familiar with the equipment. Some items on the checklist include sitting in the chair, picking out a toothbrush, and opening their mouth wide. This step is interactive and helps build a solid foundation for the next level.


During a desensitization visit, we will not complete any dental work. However, when it is time to perform a procedure, this prior experience will help them trust us and feel confident.

This desensitization technique is not limited to your children’s introductory visit. We will continue to reinforce this method during every visit, so there are no surprises. As your children get older, this technique will grow to include more educational information, teaching them about their oral health and its importance.

Dr. Laura and her staff did a phenomenal job with all three of our children, but especially our little guy who has sensory issues. They asked lots of questions before the appointment, were completely prepared when he arrived, and everything went beautifully! We could not be happier with the care our children have received there.

Claire C. (Actual Patient's Mom)

I have been blown away by Hamilton County Pediatric Dentistry! The entire staff has been nothing but warm and welcoming to my special needs kiddo. They have been more than understanding and have let him take as much time as he needs to get used to them and the surroundings. Completely different than any dentist we have been to before. He is no longer terrified of the dentist because of Hamilton County Pediatric Dentistry! I highly recommend them if you have a special needs kiddo.

Kaitlan I. (Actual Patient's Mom)

Great first dentist experience for my three year old! The staff was friendly, kind, and took their time explaining each step of the cleaning process. They worked quickly and efficiently. Dr. Juntgen was patient with my son through his tears and answered all my questions after the examination. Toothbrushes, prizes, stickers, movies, and his name on the wall made his visit extra special.

Erin M. (Actual Patient's Mom)

Would Your Child Benefit from Our Desensitization Program?

Contact us to schedule an introductory visit today! We are located in Carmel, IN and serve the surrounding communities, including Westfield, Zionsville, Noblesville, and Indianapolis.