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At Hamilton County Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Juntgen spends lots of time with each patient. This allows her to get to know them and adapt treatment to meet their individual needs.

Superstar Kids Dental Services

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Regular Exams

As a pediatric practice, we follow the guidelines set out by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. A key feature of these recommendations is routine visits, generally every six months. These visits help to prevent cavities and promote positive dental habits.

During your child’s 30-45 minute check-up, Dr. Juntgen works alongside our dental hygienist and carries out the following:

  • Review of medical and health history
  • Gentle examination of your child’s teeth, gums, and jaw
  • TMJ check
  • Soft tissue exam
  • Growth and development assessment
  • Oral cancer screen
  • Fluoride application
  • Cleaning and hygiene check
  • Radiographic exam

Of course, we make the check-ups fun for all ages (including parents). We provide nail polishing, tattoo transfers, and movies to help distract younger kids. Coupled with this, we play fun games and decorate custom dental bibs. Our aim is to maintain their health but also make sure they enjoy visiting the dentist. Plus, kiddos with no cavities are added to the “No Cavity Club” and sign our wall for a chance to win a monthly prize!

Hygiene Visits
Professional cleanings help to remove plaque and calculus, even in very young children. These professional cleanings are essential for the prevention of cavities and gingivitis.

Our hygienist pulls out all the stops to make this visit fun, educational, and worthwhile for all. She begins by allowing each kiddo to choose their own toothbrush at the brushing station where they can sample some of our wacky toothpaste flavors. Next, she moves them to the dental chair where they watch a movie as she gently cleans their teeth.

As well as removing any harmful build-up, our hygienist evaluates your child’s hygiene routine and provides some kind advice on how to improve it. This advice varies depending on age and individual needs. She also applies fluoride to the teeth to protect them.

After each appointment, we’ll sit down with you in the consultation room while your child plays on our “Wall of Distraction” (a magnet board with letters, numbers, animals, and trucks). Your hygienist then discusses her findings and recommendations. These appointments are essential for keeping teeth healthy and fostering a positive dental attitude in kids as they grow.

Fluoride Treatment
Fluoride is found in most over-the-counter toothpaste and helps to prevent cavities by strengthening tooth enamel (outer coating). Although fluoride in toothpaste helps to fight cavities, professional strength fluoride is recommended to develop stronger, more decay-resistant teeth. The frequency of professional strength fluoride applications is unique to each child.

Dr. Juntgen offers both fluoride gel and varnish. The nicely flavored gel is more suitable for children without any dental complications and is brushed onto the teeth using a toothbrush. Varnish is a higher concentration fluoride that is used on children with higher risk of decay. Varnish is thicker to coat the teeth, and it’s quickly applied with a small brush.

In addition to our standard fluoride treatments, we offer Silver Diamine Fluoride. This antibiotic liquid is used to temporarily stop decay and/or pain when a filling cannot be placed. Fluoride is an essential tool used to strengthen teeth and protect healthy smiles.

A sealant is a thin plastic coating applied to the chewing surface of permanent teeth. The material flows into the grooves and crevasses of the tooth, and then bonds to the tooth with the application of light. The resulting hard, smooth surface helps to prevent decay by blocking the accumulation of food and bacteria. The entire application process takes approximately 5-10 minutes per tooth and does NOT require the tooth to be numb.

Your child will be evaluated for sealants at each recall exam and a recommendation for application will be made by our dentist when appropriate. Once applied, sealants are regularly checked for integrity at recall exams.

Click here to download or print the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s Monster-Free Mouth Movement Guide to prevent decay!

Emergency Care

Dental emergencies are never planned and they can be scary! That’s why the team at Hamilton County Pediatric Dentistry is available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need assistance, please contact the office at 317-846-5893.

Our office works hard to evaluate all emergencies as soon as possible. If your child has a dental emergency during office hours, we will likely schedule a same-day appointment. If your child has an emergency after office hours, our dentist will speak with you by phone to evaluate the need for an after-hours visit. Sometimes a medication is prescribed by phone to keep your child comfortable until an office visit is scheduled.

Please contact 911 or seek emergency room care if your child has lost consciousness, shows significant swelling of the neck or face, or has difficulty breathing.

We have always entrusted our four children to this practice, including our daughter who has autism. We have never been disappointed. Our sweet daughter has been a challenge to work on through the years, and she has always been welcomed with open arms and hearts. Not only welcomed, but the staff has practically had to stand on their heads to keep her happy while getting treated! And we're happy to go the extra mile for her. My other children feel right at home here too, they love it and truly have fun at the dentist. I could never say that when I was a kid! You will never regret taking your precious kids here!

Jean S. (Actual Patient's Mom)

Behavior Guidance

Not everyone likes the dentists, but techniques are available to foster a positive attitude and great experience.

We know all kids react differently to visiting the dentist. Some are confident, others want to hold mom’s hand, while others act up a little. Rest assured, we have seen it all – even with our own kids. In fact, as a pediatric team, we have received additional training to make each child feel comfortable and safe. With this in mind, our team uses a few different techniques to make your kiddo feel more relaxed at the dentist.

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This simple technique involves telling your child what is going to happen and actually demonstrating each step. They can feel the equipment we use, maybe choose what they prefer, and ask any questions (as can Mom and Dad). We then perform the procedure as we demonstrated it so they trust us and feel confident in our work.

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To redirect a child’s behaviour, our team uses conversation, games, or toys to distract from what is happening in their mouth. Each dental chair is equipped with an overhead TV so we can play your child’s favorite movie or show. For older kids, we offer nail polishing and tattoo transfers to help them remain still. Plus, we offer a choice of rewards for our star patients!

Icon of braces as part of our Kiddo Expert services

Through both non-verbal body language and positive reinforcement, our caring team can keep your kiddo’s behavior on track. As moms ourselves, we know that positive gestures, facial expressions, and words can relax kids. Our team members are very positive and upbeat, which also helps to relax nervous patients.

Icon of braces as part of our Kiddo Expert services
Advanced Behavior Guidance

In some cases, children have extreme dental anxiety or struggle to sit in the chair. Sometimes medication or nitrous oxide helps kids better cope with this anxiety. Conscious sedation or operating room treatment may be the best option to safely and compassionately treat your child. No matter the situation, we do our very best to develop a plan that fosters a positive view of the dentist while meeting treatment needs.

Education Is Key

Building dental knowledge in both parents and kids!

We believe it’s important for parents to be involved in the care of their kids. We work hard to educate kids and parents so they leave feeling empowered to fight decay! Here are some ways we incorporate education into each visit:

  • Review each appointment in the consultation room
  • Document findings with photos
  • Explain and demo each step of treatment
  • Provide fun yet informative videos via social media
  • Offer information booklets and pamphlets at each visit
  • Provide one-on-one “first visit” education with the doctor

  • Discuss hygiene tips and techniques at brushing sink and chair

Dr. Juntgen and our team are highly qualified and pursue continued education so we can pass on our knowledge to you. Together we can protect your child’s teeth and build a foundation for future healthy habits.

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